Spar Street has created artworks for royalty, billionaires, leaders of countries, international corporations, global peace organizations, corporate leaders, spiritual leaders, best-selling authors, and celebrities.

Spar Street was born to Shera Street, an art student in Park City, Utah, April 27th, 1963. Born along with him is what his mother fondly recalls as "endless creativity." Perhaps an auspicious beginning, Shera traded one of her paintings with the doctor who delivered Spar in exchange for his services. Spar began to paint at the age of two, and immediately delighted in the movement of color and textures of pigment on surfaces – paper, canvas, floors, walls, even his own body.

In his early school years, Spar suffered as a result of his difficulties reading, yet found relief from his failures and frustration in his creativity, filling notebooks with drawings and doodles instead of notes and assignments. When Spar was ten years old a child psychologist told his parents that their dyslexic boy would "never really amount to anything because of his condition." His ability to bring out the best in himself and others has led to numerous international successes and is a tribute to kids with alleged "learning disabilities."

Spar is a former world professional aerial and mogul, slalom and giant slalom skier and five-time British Columbia ski champion. He has earned numerous top 5 results at the National level, and in 1985 he finished in the top sixteen at the World Professional Mogul Championships. Today, he continues to fuel his passion through heli-skiing, windsurfing, and surfing. Trained by award-winning chefs, Spar's culinary skills rival the world's best.

Spar financed his passion for art, skiing, and windsurfing by raising money for socially responsible companies. By the age of twenty-five Spar had become a successful investment banker. In 1988, he was honored by The Young Entrepreneurs' Organization and The Association for Collegiate Entrepreneurs for his company's annual sales, second only to Michael Dell in North America. During this time, a friend presented Spar with the question, "If you could do anything with your life, what would you do?" This question led Spar to a profound awakening that forever changed the course of his life. He realized that painting and sculpting was what truly made his heart sing, and that if he was not doing this, he would be living his life for excuses.

Spar chose to retire from investment banking and he turned all of his attention to art, holding his first art show three months later. The feeling of aliveness that resulted from being true to himself has not only become the driving theme consistent throughout all of his artworks, it has also led to dozens of prominent speaking engagements on the topic. He has spoken at the United Nations, high profile conferences and seminars, in schools, and as a mentor, affirming the rewards of living a life led by the heart, unleashing your creative passion, connecting to your core values and the power of art to transform your life and our world.

Spar's work has evolved over time deepening a message that encourages us to move out of our comfort zone and into what he calls "the sweet line" or the zone. He creates art that moves you from where you are to where you want to be, art that creates change. It is Spar's hope that his paintings and sculpture will be a catalyst for change in the world, and that through his artworks, people may come to remember the greatness that lives inside of them.

Spars work has received reviews of generous praise and appreciation at numerous international art exhibitions and fine galleries in North America and abroad.

Spar currently works and resides in Maui, Hawaii, with his beloved wife Johanna, and their eleven year old daughter (and budding artist) Shanti.  

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