Artworks that matter for people who want to live close to the throb they feel in their chest.

 Spar Street’s artworks are devoted to serving the awakening of great love and unbridled passion. Each painting and sculpture is an open invitation to stop, inquire, and come alive in the recognition of what is good, true and beautiful at the core of your being.

“Brilliant. You’re artworks are irresistibly compelling. I love them all.”


Artworks that matter for people who value true love over nice love

— brave love that savors the real and the raw, wholehearted love that honors the vulnerable and the authentic, bold love that supports your continual journey of waking up, liberating love that frees you from encumbrances and inhibitions, and wild love that takes you to the very heart of vibrant aliveness and the unbridled passion born out of that.

Artworks that matter for people who know they will die, so they make precious this chance to be brave hearted, wild hearted, open hearted, and whole-hearted.

Would you like to receive ongoing inspiration for your wild, brave, open and whole heart?

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