Spar Street’s collectors and admirers include:

The United Nations, The Nobel Foundation, major international corporations, heads of state, outstanding leaders in the worlds of fine art, music and literature, world class athletes, and successful entrepreneurs and business executives throughout the world.

Their insightful, often very personal emotional feelings about Spar Street’s genius, his mastery of painting and sculpture, and the positive impact that his artwork has had on their lives and careers, is best expressed below, in their own words.

“So many of the artworks we see in galleries and museums today are simply reflections of things that have been done before or the latest fad. They lack the authenticity that moves the soul and ignites the spirit. Spar plays with layer upon layer of pigment, line and form. Innovative and intuitive, he finds the life in the unfolding process until that life shimmers and dances from the surface, moving and pulsing with the light of pure energy. It is this that makes each of his artworks truly original. He creates his own way. And his creations stand alone, without any real comparison. Perhaps this is why they are so loved by people around the world.”

– David Paget, Art dealer

“Wow! There is so much passion and movement in your work. The colors and light are extraordinary. It is at the same time powerful and gentle. I feel free just looking at it.

– The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, 19th Prime Minister of Canada

“Spar Street has the magic. He reaches into our very soul and translates our own deepest feelings into visual masterpieces. History will acknowledge Spar as being one of the great creative art forces of the twenty first century.

No house feels like a home, no structure is experienced as magnificent, without powerful, emotionally evocative artworks to stir your senses every time you enter.

If you haven’t experienced how good your home feels with Spar Street’s art in it, you do not really know just how exceptionally rich and fulfilling your living spaces can be. If you are like me, and place quality of life as a high priority, take the time to contact Spar and discover first hand just how much more satisfying your home can be with this kind of artistic expression illuminating your surroundings.”

– Peter H Thomas, Founder, Century 21 Real Estate Canada

“Of all the artwork I own, and of all the gifted artists I have worked with, one stands out for the sheer impact, dramatic majesty and haunting captivation of his inspired work.

I am talking about the works of artistic genius Spar Street. His talent and vision redefine what art is and does for the beholder.

Spar’s work inspires, captivates, motivates, excites and animates the human spirit. His creations lift the senses, liberate your rapture and energize our hearts. Of all the work in my home, I get more compliments, favorable commentary and lingering looks of admiration for the Spar Street paintings hanging in my home than all the other artists’ works I own, combined.

I cannot compliment and acknowledge Spar enough for his amazing gifts and ability to totally transform a piece of blank canvas into something to be prized and treasured for a lifetime.

If you put one or more of Spar’s pieces in your office, home or business, you’ll never want to take it down. Your family, staff and customers won’t let you. It impacts everyone that much. It seems that once you are exposed to Spar Street’s work it haunts you favorably for the rest of your life.”

– Jay Abraham, Author, Speaker

“Your work is truly amazing. The depth, the heart and the feeling in them is astounding. I love how the colors and shapes and movement create what appears to be living and breathing imagery. Remarkable. Every piece is remarkable.

When I look at your paintings I find a resonance there. You slip into a space where everything feels expansive, where you know love exists and you can rely on it. They come from that on fire, blasted open place, full of purpose, heart and direction. They hold an intense vibrancy of feeling that opens doorways inside me. Your artworks have something in them that resonates with my soul.”

– Kenny Loggins, Recording artist

“Outstanding. Your painting is fabulous. I love the life and sense of movement. Great work!”

– Wayne Gretzky, Hockey player

“This is to thank you so so much for your wonderful artwork. Lift of Freedom is truly a magnificent painting. It captures the very spirit of freedom. Just looking at it gives me a wonderful sense of release and hope. I have a photograph of it with me when I travel (320 days last year).

And it attracts a tremendous amount of attention from the many people who visit our offices.

Folly Again, I cannot thank you enough for Lift of Freedom in all its glory. It is one of my most valued possessions.

With Love, Jane”

– Jane Goodall, Environmentalist, Activist, and UN Peace Ambassador

“Spar’s work is both breathtaking and visually explosive. His work captures your spirit and compels you to think about what is most important in life.”

– Walter Schneider, CEO, REMAX Europe

“You cannot imagine my elation when my wife removed the blindfold! She had positioned me perfectly, directly in front of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring, lovefilled, vibrantly emotional artwork I have ever witnessed. I stood before it, tears of gratitude running down my face, chills running through my body….an experience of such enormous power and love, I will carry it with me for the rest of my life.

Then I had to ask myself ‘Why? What is causing this amazing experience? Why was it that this image shocked and delighted my system so radically and so completely? Why, when I have personally experienced so many of the most amazing fine artworks cherished by the world, has this one rocked my world so thoroughly? What is it about this one painting?’

Mesmerized, I sat contemplating and realized that the only reason I felt this level of emotional impact, these head-to-toe chills, and overwhelming joy from this painting, was because it opened me to these vibrations the Universe was sending me, these vibrations of caring and living, vibrations of joy and peace…..and most importantly, the vibration of LOVE!!

I realized that LOVE was flowing from the canvas, radiating from these vibrant colors and forms, LOVE that was generated from the passion of a man that I love, a man that paints not with a brush, but with his heart! Spar, thank you. From my the depth of my heart, thank you.”

– Jim Piccolo, Business leader

“Collecting fine art is one of my greatest passions. I have artworks by Picasso, Miro, Dali and Rembrandt, but the painting Spar Street created for me is my greatest treasure. The personal connection I have with the piece inspires me every day. It embodies the essence of everything I live for, the igniting of the infinite potential that abides in the heart of every individual.”

– Tom Hopkins, Iconic sales legend

“The creations of Spar Street are a reflection of his expansive and generous heart, authentically representing an uninhibited exploration of all that we can be if we just allow life to happen.

It is an honor to be in the presence of both the man and his art, for he is able to express a complete openness and total freedom of expression through his work. To be in the presence of several of his creations at the same time, is simply awesome. They are my most cherished possessions, reflecting the warm spirit of their creator.

I count myself among those lucky few who have been given the great gift of custodianship of his work. I often lose myself in the pieces, as if in meditation, reflecting and experiencing new depth and dimension with each new view. His works move, touch and inspire me to daily celebrate the universe we play in.

– Vance Campbell, Business leader

“Most art quickly becomes wallpaper. We habituate to it and the art fades from our perception. Indeed, often when we pass a particular painting, we do not see it. Spar Street’s art is an exception. It grabs us, holds our attention and stays in our memory. Like all great art, Spar’s paintings reveal something new each time we visit. The colors, the swirling compositions, speak to us like a poly-colored Rorschach test, allowing each of us to see new visions and new meanings on each visit.”

– Ronald K. Parker, PhD, Past President of two highly successful NASDAQ-traded art companies. His fine art publishing programs of Erte, Hart, Neiman, etc, have sold over $500,000,000.

Presence is the quality that brings power, joy, and inner radiance into your experience. An artwork created from presence lifts you out of the mind’s obsession with “me” and “my problems” into the center of awareness, which is power and radiance. Presence is what people recognize within themselves when they look at famous paintings or sculpture. The artist was in a transcendent state while creating the artwork and everyone feels that transcendence when they look at the art. Your works come from this place. They take us into the stillness, which is power, which is love.

– Eckhart Tolle, Author, Spiritual teacher

Everything about your work is breathtaking. Every time I walk through my family room your painting catches me and brings a smile to my face. It is born of the desire to know, to share the highest, the deepest, the fullest, the richest of all human experience. Your painting doesn’t just hold it’s own in the room, it has made the room an extension of my soul.”

– John Denver, Singer, Songwriter, Environmentalist

“This is fabulous work. A masterpiece. Wholly original. Awesome. What you are doing is an extraordinary contribution. I love having your work in my home.

– David Foster, Music producer

Breathtaking! Nothing shy of stunning! That is how I describe the experience of seeing his original paintings and sculptures up close. It is no wonder why Spar Street’s work has become an icon for the extraordinary in the minds the world’s most successful and discerning individuals. His soul-stirring creations are the pinnacle of fine art excellence.

His artworks take you where your heart longs to be, to places you have never been yet seem curiously familiar. They reveal to you a life of intimacy and grace, passion and power and every time you look at them they give you more.

Thoroughly captivating… Entirely unforgettable… Spar Street’s artwork makes my spirit soar. There is extraordinary power here.”

– Mark Victor Hansen, Author

“Spar’s work is so passionate and fresh that it attracts art collectors with the highest level of sophistication and affluence. Spar’s love affair with color is just magnificent. And the depth and layering of his paintings are so unique — they reflect color in the same way glass does for artists like Dale Chihuly. Just the fact that his paintings possess this quality alone distinguishes Spar from virtually all other artists. The only other painter I have seen use layering with this level of mastery is Claude Monet.

– Craig Freeman, Artist, Gallery owner

“When people walk in our front door for the first time, and they are embraced by the exquisite, uplifting splendor of his work, the response is always the same: ‘Wow! Amazing! Incredible!’ The paintings are jewels, and our home is the setting in which their light is reflected.

Spar is an exceptionally talented man who wields the power of love to free others from that which separates them from all that feels good and beautiful in this world. His art carries this influence on the soul.

Spar’s years of mastering the art of feeling, opening, trusting, and loving – and learning how to allow it all to flow unimpeded through his paintings – has made desperately needed inroads into a world that has become more and more devoid of the one true thing that gives our lives depth and meaning – the ability to feel good and connect with love in our own hearts.”

– Lency Spezzano, Leadership consultant, Author

“Your paintings remind me of what it is like to love bravely, and live fully. They are really beautiful.”

– Jewel, Recording artist

“We are proud to have Spar Street as one of our Official GRAMMY Artists. I have been in the art business for most of my life. During that time I have been directly or indirectly involved in the sale of more than $100 million in fine art. Discovering an artist whose connection to the creative source is this pure is extremely rare. To stand before one of his artworks is to stand astonished, to be filled with wonder and awe, to be moved, even transformed. His uses of color, brush and multi media are remarkable. But ultimately, it is the feeling these artworks evoke that place his creations among the truly great.

Running a gallery in Las Vegas is an expensive proposition. Without Spar’s creative abilities we would not be enjoying the thriving business that we are today.”

– Dale Thompson, Founder, GRAMMY Art of Music

“Art, if it is true art, heals. And, the best art creates the experience of transcendence. It opens. It opens the heart to the yearning that leads you forward to what you love. Astonished, a part of us is stunned by the power of it’s authenticity and beauty. We are opened at the deepest level. It opens our soul, and we regain connection with the liberation of our true self.

My wife and children, and all of our guests, are reminded of this every time we walk through our home. The six artworks Spar has created for us have absolutely transformed our home into a profound vortex of magnificence, healing and transcendence.”

– Dr. Chuck Spezzano, PhD, Leadership consultant, Author

“If I don’t like a painting, I won’t put it in my house. I love your painting. I really love it. That painting will go in my atrium.”

– Ted Turner, Business leader, Philanthropist

“The appreciation of art has been one of my greatest pleasures in my life. Collecting art has been a life-long passion. Of all the paintings in my collection, the works of Spar Street are amongst my favorite. You can feel where an artist creates from when you look at their work. There is sincerity and authenticity in Spar Street’s paintings, a purity of spirit that appeals to me immensely. His work comes from the depth of his heart and carries with it a great intrinsic value to me personally.”

– Stanley Marcus, Former Chairman, Neiman Marcus

“You can never prepare yourself for what you see in Spar’s paintings. There is something indescribably attractive and pure about them. They offer a clear portal into the infinite. Looking closely into them is reverie, as if the full force of all that is beautiful is looking back at me. They hold the nectar of the divine and come from a deep, soul-satisfying source.”

– Adyashanti, Author, Spiritual teacher

“Wow! These are so beautiful, so incredibly beautiful!

– Dr. Deepak Chopra, Author, Speaker

“Gorgeous! Your work pulses with life. It takes me into the realm of the spirit.”

– Dr. Wayne Dyer, Author, Speaker

“If you are interested in acquiring a piece of fine art that will provide you with timeless enjoyment, I would highly recommend you consider one of Spar’s magnificent creations. The painting Spar Street created for Deer Valley Resort’s main lodge never fails to strike the attention of everyone who sees it. And the favorable comments we continually receive make us feel good about the decision we made to commission the artwork.”

– Bob Wheaton, President/General Manager, Deer Valley Resort

“Spar Street has the rare gift of revealing essence as form so we can experience it. He somehow captures the uncapturable. After more than a decade and a half of collecting his work, I still marvel at the dynamic, extraordinary beauty of each of his creations. I can only describe my relationship to his paintings and sculptures as a living love affair!”

– Chris McCombs, Author, Business owner

“Amazing. Your paintings have so much energy! I can actually feel a palpable energetic radiation pulsing from the canvases. And they have a musical element to them that you can actually hear when you look at them.”

– Joel Roberts, Radio host

“This is fabulous. Walking into your studio is like walking into a grand temple. It is reverberating with music you can see. From the moment you enter, everything changes, becomes more vibrant, more alive. I absolutely love your work!”

– Deva Primal, Recording artist

“Moving among your paintings is like walking through a mantra.

– Miten, Recording artist

“That is incredible. I can feel the rush of speed. I love that. I have lived my life for this feeling. How did you get that feeling on a canvas? Thank you. Thank you very much!”

– Mario Andretti, Race car driver

“This painting is a mind blowing journey into the infinite. It is the pure expression of freedom itself. What a gift, a gift to the world.”

– Ram Dass, Author, Spiritual teacher

“Your contribution is what I really admire in that you bring joy to people when they look at the quality and serenity of your work. That kind of wealth is immeasurable.

– Amir Dossal, Executive Director, United Nations Fund for International Partnerships

“Brilliant… Stunning… Altogether splendid… The movement and excitement of your artworks are irresistibly compelling. Your entire home is a feast for the senses. Every wall is vibrating with fantastic energy, power and life. I love it.”

– Sir Richard Branson, Business leader

“The uncontrived honesty of Spar’s art speaks volumes. If you want to know what the authentic flame of creativity looks like in fine art, this is it!

– Mike Greene, former President of the GRAMMY organization

“Spar’s artworks are among the most powerful, beautiful and enjoyable ever created.

There is a connection that occurs between you and Spar’s paintings… a connection that fills the space with so much love, passion and vitality that it is palpable. You find yourself in a moment of time, expanded, senses heightened, and everything feels like it is occurring in slow motion. You feel the undiluted beauty of life. And love, in its purest form, seems to flood your entire being.

My wife often finds herself standing in front of the magnificent painting Spar created for our entrance and sooner or later notices she is swaying back and forth, embraced in wave after wave of good feeling.”

– Jack Canfield, Author, Speaker

“Wow! Amazing! There’s so much energy here! You’ve captured the feeling entirely. This has so much more feeling than anything I have seen before.”

– André Agassi, Tennis player

“To stand before a painting Spar Street has created just for you is to be in one of the few places on Earth where your spirit runs completely free. You become enveloped in extraordinary experience. And, there isn’t much you can do, other than be awestruck, and filled with gratitude.

– John Assaraf, Author

“My wife and I derive enormous pleasure from each of the three artworks Spar has created for us.”

– Gerry Sampson, Business leader

“That is so incredibly beautiful. I love where the lines, the curves and the colors take me when I look at it.

It is absolutely delightful. What an amazing gift you have.”

– Natalie Cole, Recording artist