Inner Strength

Inner Strength can only be achieved by embracing the path of living dangerously — taking chances, making mistakes, exposing your fears and trusting that you will be caught as you leap with faith toward a life that is meaningful and valuable to you. Inner strength is the love inside you that you can always depend on, the love that you can trust and which guides you and supports you on your way.

There is a feeling of power and confidence that is conveyed by this bold sword slashing through the air, “cutting to the chase,” revealing the truth for all to see.

Spar Street is an award-winning painter and sculptor. He specializes in painting large canvases in mixed media, with a high emphasis on sensuality, color, and movement. Before becoming an artist, Street was a skier and entrepreneur. He is best known for his work with the Nobel Foundation and the United Nations.

Street combines abstraction, impressionism, and realism into his works on canvas. His multimedia works notably evoke feelings of energy, warmth, sensuality, power, and beauty, and revolve around mostly spiritual themes. Street also employs heavy layering in many of his abstract paintings. Maui art critic Paul Janes-Brown has this to say about Street’s work: “You have to actually come and see the work to appreciate how great an artist this man is…The excitement of his work is extraordinary. The texture of the work transforms it to another place completely.”